Manufactures conventional cap seals, shrink label, shrink films and flexible packaging for numerous consumer goods

Cap Seal

Polyseal is the leading manufacturer of tamper proof capseals for numerous consumer goods nationwide.

Prevents opening or breakage of caps and lids before usage Enriches quality through absolute product safety Bright and colorful graphics allow for unlimited design possibilities Available for a variety of bottles and containers in all shapes and sizes

Shrink Label

Doing away with conventional sticker labels, Polyseal manufactured its own film into shrink labels that cover and encase a wide selection of products.

360o decoration for maximum print area straight wall or contoured shapes Presents maximum defense against handling damage High gloss label appearance and eye-catching shelf impact Remains the preferred shrink label for popular brands and choice products

Shrink Films

As the prime trailblazer in the packaging industry Polyseal manufactured shrink films especially ideal for both individual and group product bundling.

Effectively resists surface moisture and oils Provides entirely safe and secure product bundling Allows aesthetic value of each product to shine though Covers assorted products in a multitude of diverse industries

Flexible Packaging

Polyseal provides complete solutions for your packaging needs. Flexible Packaging allows you maximum flexibility in developing the product packaging strategy best suited for your product and your market. Perfect for beverages, snack, confectioneries, detergents, health and beauty care products, processed foods, condiments, and the like.

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