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Leading the way in the packaging industry for consumer products, the Laguna based Polyseal and Empire Manufacturing Industries entered the market in the early 1960s to begin an area of innovation and set the standard for premium product seals and packaging. Initially utilizing material film from Japan, it was the first company to provide tamper proof bottle seals for top tier local corporations Polyseal and Empire quickly gained recognition as the pioneer in preventing product pilferage and contamination.
As the success of their bottle sealing technology spread throughout various industries, the Polyseal and Empire team forged ahead to create its own shrinkable film for bottle labels and product group packaging. Tapping the widening market of mineral water, liquor, pharmaceuticals, stationary, cosmetics and food bottle manufacturers, the company expanded its production base to service its growing clientele.
Presently, the company's pre-press graphic system facilitates the production of customized printing cylinders and plates. Well-organized delivery system allows Polyseal and Empire to warehouse goods and fulfill all requirements of client. At Polyseal and Empire, state-of-the-art technology coupled with cost efficiency is the fundamental key to maximizing the benefits to the customer.
Looking ahead, Polyseal and Empire continuously strives to break new ground in both local and Asian markets. With each consumer industry and every consumer individual in mind, Polyseal and Empire ultimately remains the originator of revolutionary consumer product packaging.


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